“Besides my aura & influence, of course, my biggest asset is my versatility”

At just 26 years old, Ashley Okoli has already cemented her status as a pillar of the vibrant "alte" scene in Lagos, Nigeria. With a diverse portfolio spanning creative direction, and high-profile styling, Okoli has emerged as a multifaceted creative force. The crowning achievement in Okoli's young career was her role as the creative director, co-director, and stylist for the Victoria's Secret World Tour: Lagos, a testament to her versatility and the respect she has garnered within the industry. Despite her rapid rise, Okoli remains a somewhat controversial public figure, known for her unapologetic approach and her unwavering commitment to her artistic vision.
Nevertheless, her impact on the Lagos alternative scene is undeniable, and her star continues to rise as she pushes the boundaries of Nigerian creative expression.


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